A Great Start to Our School Year!

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We have been off to a great start to our school year.  This month both Primary 1 and Primary 2 have been getting use to their work routine, work time usually happens from 9am to 11:30am. Should any parents arrive after 9 am please talk to your child about entering the class quietly and help them with this transition so not to disturb any children who are working.

This month teachers have been going over the rules of the classroom and playground.  We always use walking feet and inside voices in the school building and this should be reinforced during pick up and drop of times.  We want to eliminate running as to avoid any accidents, We love your precious ones and don’t want to see them leave crying.

On August 31st we celebrated the legendary Maria Montessori’s birthday!

On September 22nd at 5 pm was our Curriculum Night.  We met with parents, talked more about the Montessori Philosophy, and took a walk through his/her classroom.

We are planning on holding our fall performance on Friday, October 13th in Primary Rooms.

Your children are learning and thriving every day, we are so excited to have them apart of our school and look forward to a great school year ahead.

Thank you for partnering with us as a school, we value each and every family that comes through these doors and love your children dearly.


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