New 2019 is Here

Dear Parents We can hardly believe the first month of the year has come and gone!  With the New Year the older children understand the calendar and the younger ones enjoy singing during line time, particularly the "Weather Song". We want to welcome all our new parents and students to our 3-6 class. Music … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays Season!

Happy Chanukah to all those in our community celebrating the Festival of Lights!   We can hardly believe its December! This is a fun time here at Montessori and Music as the children prepare for their Holiday shows! You will hear singing in the morning and most likely see dancing in the evening. This year the … [Read more...]


Montessori and Music Daycare Center in Mundelein is off to a great school year full of exploring and learning. We have a unique Music program which includes piano, drums and guitar.  We also offer Gym, Martial Arts and Creative Art programs for all ages.  If you are in the area please stop by and visit our spacious … [Read more...]

A Great Start to Our School Year!

We had a great summer!  Now we have been off to a great start to our school year.  This month both Primary 1 and Primary 2 have been getting use to their work routine, work time usually happens from 9am to 11:30am. Should any parents arrive after 9 am please talk to your child about entering the class quietly and help … [Read more...]

The Daddy daughter dance 2018

Our dads are our hero's, we know there is nothing they wouldn't do for their families and their little girls. Thank you to all the amazing dad's who came out in 95 degree weather, dressed up and ready to dance with your little girls, you guys are simply the best! The Daddy daughter dance is a special night for dads and … [Read more...]

Our Highlights!

Our highlight last week was learning about the Presidents of the United States, of course all the children know the beloved Barack Obama, but it was interesting to look at picture cards of some of the other presidents The children were enjoying making portraits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We learned … [Read more...]

Our Typical Week!

We have ourselves a new President, so proud to see all the "I voted stickers", this was a great time to teach our children some history about our country, they already know the National Anthem and can identify our flag. Last week we learnt who the first president was, "George Washington and the 44th, Barrack Obama, … [Read more...]

Kindness Is the Coolest

We managed to have a good week, we made it through Picture day, all smiles:) Every child has a copy of pictures to order, if you child was not at school today you can check cabbies for a copy on Monday. We had a group of people come in and talk to both classes about "Kindness Being the Coolest" The children … [Read more...]