Our Typical Week!

We have ourselves a new President, so proud to see all the "I voted stickers", this was a great time to teach our children some history about our country, they already know the National Anthem and can identify our flag. Last week we learnt who the first president was, "George Washington and the 44th, Barrack Obama, … [Read more...]

Kindness Is the Coolest

We managed to have a good week, we made it through Picture day, all smiles:) Every child has a copy of pictures to order, if you child was not at school today you can check cabbies for a copy on Monday. We had a group of people come in and talk to both classes about "Kindness Being the Coolest" The children … [Read more...]

Pony Rides, Petting Zoo and Ice Cream!!!

We would like to thank all of our parents who were with us on Saturday, September 26, to celebrate the wonderful relationship we have cultivated with each other, working together as partners in the children’s educational journey. We got just what we ordered… 1 serving of sunshine, 2 ponies and a petting zoo on the … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Little Chicks!!!

Happy Birthday, Little Chicks!!!   Last April 7, we welcomed several new members into our classroom… the little chicks inside the eggs! We have been taking good care of the little embryos in our classrooms by keeping them nice and warm at a constant temperature. The children have been making books about the … [Read more...]