1. dayadmin says

    The Father Daughter Dance focuses on the importance of fathers and their daughter having strong, healthy relationships. The first strong male bond girls have is with their father’s and this event teachers young girls what it means to be treated with love and respect. The goal is that fathers will continue to be positive role models and that these girls will have healthy relationships as teen and adults as a result.

    Montessori and Music hosted its “First Annual Daddy Daughter Dance” and what a spectacular evening our little girls had, from face painting, dancing, photo booth, food, a special corsage moment and more, our evening was very special.

    Thank you to all our dads for marking your little girls heart, you will always be their Knight in shinning armor:)

    And a special Thank you to our parent volunteers, dedicated teachers for planning and being apart of this event.

    Perfectly Princess was Perfect in every way….
    See you next year;)

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