Happy Birthday, Little Chicks!!!

IMG_2129-1Happy Birthday, Little Chicks!!!


Last April 7, we welcomed several new members into our classroom… the little chicks inside the eggs! We have been taking good care of the little embryos in our classrooms by keeping them nice and warm at a constant temperature. The children have been making books about the life cycle of a chick and have been waiting with anticipation for the eggs to hatch. The expected hatch date was Monday, April 27. However, the little chicks decided to wait one more day before hatching on the evening of Tuesday, April 28. The staff and the children of Montessori and Music Center were so excited to see the brown and yellow chicks break themselves out of the shells! When you enter the Primary classroom, you will hear cheeps and children squealing with excitement! Take a look at our facebook page for the video of the exact moment when the chicks of Montessori and Music Center hatched!


We Love Living Things!


A couple of weeks ago, Ms. Laura’s class started germinating their very own pea pods. The children watched these little seeds grow from a seedling into a sprout. What an exciting opportunity for the children to witness a living thing grow before their very eyes! For taking care of their seeds and tiny sprouts, the children got a chance to take their sprouts home. We know the little sprouts have found a home that will love them and take care of them.   Below is a picture of our very successful science project that makes children aware of their role as caretakers of our environment.

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