Kindness Is the Coolest

2016-09-13-13-21-49We managed to have a good week, we made it through Picture day, all smiles:) Every child has a copy of pictures to order, if you child was not at school today you can check cabbies for a copy on Monday.
We had a group of people come in and talk to both classes about “Kindness Being the Coolest” The children practiced their “calm cloud breathing” and enjoyed catching a cloud squeezing it tightly while breathing when frustrated or having a meltdown. We also made a craft and sang a song about kindness.
We sent home a handout and I am sure these suggestions will help not only in the classrooms but at home as well. Using the word Kind and showing or pointing out acts of Kindness among family will also help your child understand what it actually means to be kind. eg: Birthdays, we give presents and cards and that is a Kind thing to do, try some kind projects at home this weekend, have fun with it!
As September 11 passed us by, we like to take a moment and remember all those families affected and how our country was shaped as a nation! Our children are way to young to learn about these times, however they are not to little to start learning about Peace! September 21st in National Peace Day, and our children will be learning about what the word “Peace” means? Through song, books and a craft we believe it is never to young to start instilling good values in the future generation.
I am confident out of this bunch we have a few peacemakers and world changers and am optimistic about the great change they will one day add to our country!


It is a choice.
We choose to believe it.
We choose to want it.
We choose to live it.
It is in our hands.

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