New 2019 is Here

Dear Parents

We can hardly believe the first month of the year has come and gone!  With the New Year the older children understand the calendar and the younger ones enjoy singing during line time, particularly the “Weather Song”.

We want to welcome all our new parents and students to our 3-6 class.

Music Class:  We are enjoying music class and trying new songs with Mr Alex “Tingalayo”, which went nicely with a book/CD we read/sang in class.

Martin L King Jr Day:  In class we briefly talked about our very own dreams and how one day we can use our dreams to help in the world for good.  We sang a short song which we will send out to parents soon, very uplifting.

With the freezing temperatures we are learning about penguins, did you know penguins are birds that do not fly?  They actually have feathers on their bodies that keep them warm, they love to eat krill and play.  The children love looking at the different types of penguins and reading some interesting facts about penguins.

Science Experiment:  Baking Soda and conditioner, mixes into a nice white paste and while we cannot go outside and play in the snow we were able to create little snow man inside the class.

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