The Daddy daughter dance 2018

IMG_5900IMG_5889IMG_5880IMG_5875IMG_5872IMG_5871IMG_5866IMG_5846IMG_5845IMG_5844IMG_5842IMG_6708IMG_5926IMG_6329IMG_6315IMG_6242IMG_6239IMG_6163IMG_6156IMG_6148IMG_6137IMG_6124IMG_6110IMG_6107IMG_6091IMG_6072IMG_6069IMG_6064IMG_6047IMG_6044IMG_6040IMG_6026IMG_6020IMG_6009IMG_6003IMG_5997IMG_5975IMG_5972IMG_5965IMG_5958IMG_5951IMG_5947IMG_5945IMG_5936IMG_5931IMG_5927Our dads are our hero’s, we know there is nothing they wouldn’t do for their families and their little girls. Thank you to all the amazing dad’s who came out in 95 degree weather, dressed up and ready to dance with your little girls, you guys are simply the best! The Daddy daughter dance is a special night for dads and daughters and is slowly becoming a tradition across the US. Daddies, you get the first dance today and you will get the first dance at her wedding someday. She will always be your little girl, she will always look up too you and love you for “Being her daddy”. Montessori and music hosted its second annual Daddy daughter dance. Summer time in Wonderland was an enchanting evening for all.

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